Minimalist ambient drone...

1 Dec 2023

Added information about the newest album, Ambient Reflections For Solitary Explorers. Get it from Bandcamp, Funkwhale ( or!

25 Jul 2023

Updated styling of the site with Simple.css.

28 Jan 2023

Staring Into Oblivion is out and available from eg0cide Productions (with a mirror on Bandcamp)!

22 Jan 2023

New site design in anticipation of the release of a newly completed album! Staring Into Oblivion will contain 5 tracks and includes contributions from my cousin and previous collaborator, Caleb Beers (Argedco Dosig g Manin / The Sin of Collaboration)

11 Nov 2022

Aside from the gradual transition from the WordPress site (Dronomancy) to this one here on Neocities, there are a few scraps of news I can share. The details are still in very sparse at best, however, I would like to report two collaborations are in the discussion phase. Each collaboration will be with someone with whom I've worked in the past. (Hint: Think Symbiogenesis / Suspended Blades and Argedco Dosig g Manin / The Sin of Collaboration.) There's also a strong possibility of a new Luciftias release on eg0cide at some point in the future.